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CuraFlo Repipe Solution -the traditional approach that removes and replaces pipe by opening walls.

Epoxy Lining

CuraFlo’s® epoxy pipe lining processes are safe and effective alternatives to pipe replacement.

Fire Suppression Lining

CuraFloFS lining can restore corroded/leaking Fire Suppression Sprinkler Systems while improving flow to each Sprinkler Head.

With over 50 years of service to Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, we have seen it all. Leaks. Low flow. Contamination. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, it may be an indication of a deteriorating plumbing systems that could lead to a major water crisis. Which is why you should contact us today. We’ll conduct a thorough examination of your plumbing system to find the source of the trouble. And then we’ll recommend the best course of action. We offer two proven solutions: Pipe replacement and epoxy lining, a process that allows us to restore your pipes from the inside with minimal disruption.  When you work with CuraFlo BC, you can be confident that your pipe problems will be solved in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible.

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Why do copper plumbing systems fail so quickly in Greater Vancouver?

Pinhole leaks are the most common problem in buildings throughout Greater Vancouver. They mostly affect large/multitenant buildings and are caused by the aggressive/soft nature of Vancouver’s water and higher levels of chlorination.


April 30, 2015

While the list of people who make up the staff at CuraFlo of BC is not the same list as it was 20 years ago, many of our employees are the same and they are now our most experienced employees. CuraFlo of BC evolved out of two old time plumbing...

April 30, 2015

The very place where plumbers go for education and training is also not immune to pipe corrosion issues, like any of the other buildings in the Metro Vancouver.  In 2015, CuraFlo of BC, began the extensive project of restoring the plumbing...

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Since 1996, building and homeowners as well as municipalities have depended on the CuraFlo® process to effectively restore their plumbing systems and protect their drinking water. We have completed hundreds of pipe restoration and rehabilitation projects throughout the United States and Canada, representing thousands of individual homes, housing units or suites.

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